Alexandru D. CIUNCAN

Member of the IRSG & OPSG, EIOPA; Managing Partner, XPRIMM

After being active for more than 15 years in the CEE insurance and private pensions industries, with expertise covering market conduct, financial journalism, communication, public relations, marketing and business development – I strongly support that consumers should truly be at the heart of every insurance undertaking.

As Member of EIOPA’s IRSG – Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group since 2013 and also of the OPSG – Occupational Pensions Stakeholder Group ( – as consumer, I have had the opportunity to work closely with stakeholders and global decision makers on some of the most important legislative initiatives that govern the insurance and private pensions markets – towards developing better market conduct practices.

At the same time, my activity as Secretary General of APPA-The Association for Insurance Promotion – the NGO that developed Romania’s first multi-channel national campaigns dedicated to educating consumers ( and as Managing Partner of XPRIMM (, a media and publishing company specialized in the CEE, SEE and CIS insurance and reinsurance markets, has been mostly dedicated to making sure stakeholders are properly informed based on the fact that dialogue is always the way forward.

I truly believe that a sound regulatory environment is paramount for a transparent financial services industry everywhere. In this respect, the IAIS, EIOPA and national regulators play major roles in creating and developing a unitary regulatory framework and in establishing standards that can ensure a correct and fair activity of the markets.

More about my activity within EIOPA’s Stakeholder Groups is available here:

Some of the major topics I have worked on:

  • Conduct of business supervision in Europe
  • Consumer protection best practices
  • InsurTech; regulatory sandboxes
  • Bridging the protection gap: MicroInsurance & Inclusive Insurance
  • Mandatory natural catastrophe insurance
  • Personal Pensions Framework (PEPP)
  • IDD-Insurance Distribution Directive
  • Insurance Product Information Document
  • Cross-selling practices
  • Solvency II Reporting
  • Comparison websites
  • Mobile phone insurance

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